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10 Days In A 'Prison' Of My Choosing

I voluntarily submitted myself to prison for 10 days. I packed one bag with bare necessities and submitted myself, mind and body, to the Dhamma Sikhara Himachal Vipassana Centre. There I observed noble silence for the period of the course and refrained from reading, writing and any other entertaining activities. The timetable required me to wake up at 4am and meditate till 9pm, with shorts breaks in between for rest and meals.
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The Beauty Of Being Open To The ‘Other'

I have conversed with a bar dancer on an airplane, exchanged a Happy Sabbath greeting with a religious man in Jerusalem, listened to a preacher speak about the different archangels, conversed with a chaiwalla by the Ganges about the sacred rivers of India, shared a laugh with a monk and climbed mountains with adventurers. Strangers have revealed their story and I've shared mine. I have been welcome joyously every time I put aside my limited understanding of the world and embraced the uniquely different.
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What Is This Attachment To Misery?

When you are miserable you are a conformist. Society loves it, people respect you, you have great respectability, you can even become a saint; hence your saints are all miserable. The misery is written large on their faces, in their eyes. Because they are miserable they are against all joy... In fact only in a miserable world can they be thought to be saints. In a happy world they would have to be hospitalised, mentally treated. They are pathological.
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Can Money Buy Happiness?

Don't be too concerned about money, because all it will do is distract you from achieving happiness. And the irony of ironies is that people think they will be happy when they have money. Money has nothing to do with happiness. If you are happy and you have money, you can use it for happiness. If you are unhappy and you have money, you will use that money for more unhappiness. Because money is simply a neutral force.

India In All Her Blazing Glory

India, you will meet her, not in newspapers nor in a movie, not an idea or fantasy, not solely in her texts, nor what the journalist, moviemaker or prejudice says, nor in fables or documentaries. Y...
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How To Be Happy, Forever: The 5 Ds

Why does happiness so often elude our grasp? Many of us long for happiness, perhaps not realising that this longing actually acts as a barrier to our goal. It is like standing with one's mouth open towards the skies waiting for the rains to quench one's thirst. Here I have summed up in five "Ds" the essence of the wisdom from some profound teachings of the world such as the Bhagavad Gita and the Tao Te Ching.
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To Be Happy, Learn How To Be Sad

We all age, but few grow up. We are all children walking as adults in this world. We are led to believe that growing up is to be strong and not feel too much. As a society, we love to escape. We love happy faces, we love happily-ever-after stories, so we want to do away with anything that is sad. No one is okay with grieving and breaking down. But when we do not grieve after any form of loss, that grief is not transformed - it is transferred to something else.