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Notes On Unsettlement From A Washington Bedroom

Sunlight wedges through the edge of a closed curtain, drapes a slit of yellow on the corner of a white-linen bed, and tucks itself behind the adjoining table's crocheted cotton. It is a peaceful beauty, one I am unaccustomed to. Cushioning the fall of sound, cream-coloured carpet greets naked feet with a hush. It's a clean, pristine, dustless world. Welcome, to a bedroom in Washington.

5 Ways To Celebrate The True Spirit Of Christmas

Christmas brings with it a gush of emotions and a charge of adrenaline for shoppers, what with myriad sales in shops and generous discounts on e-commerce websites. Many of us turn into compulsive shoppers. We shop for ourselves, we shop to gift, we shop to avail of discounts, we shop as a form of therapy. Somewhere along the way, the joy of celebration is lost.