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Big B's Side Role In The Corridors Of Power

Amitabh Bachchan grew up surrounded by the elite of Allahabad. His father Harivansh Rai Bachchan was a poet and professor of renown and his mother, Teji, hobnobbed with the city's rarefied social circles, with occasional interactions with giants like Jawahar Lal Nehru and Indira Gandhi. Therefore, Big B was within touching distance of the corridors of power even when he was Little B.
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Martin Luther King: Changing The World With Love

Martin Luther King, Jr needs no introduction. On the third Monday of January, Martin Luther King Day is observed to mark his birthday and to celebrate his legacy, which continues to establish and shape the ideals of an inclusive and tolerant society, not only building bridges between Americans of all races, creeds and colours, but also fostering intercultural and inter-faith understanding among people all over the world.
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Why Indian Classics Should Be Taught In Our Schools

Language, culture and history provide a pillar of psychological support to us and give us pride in our country. Not being exposed to the above could be one of the reasons why so many of the youngsters I meet are not proud of their country nor have an attachment to it. I, therefore, sometimes think that there is a merit to the present BJP government's policy of introducing Indian classics in schools.

Writing ‘The South African Gandhi'

Gandhi spent a long time tidying up his past in his autobiography, The Story of My Experiments with Truth. We all do that. But the art of writing biography is not to gobble up the given version and render it back to the reader. Some, on reading the blurbs announcing the book, have argued in pretty strong language, that we have sullied the name of Gandhi... We argue in our Gandhi that it is in fact those who have presented him as a cardboard cut-out figure that have sullied his image.
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Desperately Seeking Hardik: An Investigation

While planning my column, halfway through my coffee, my editor called. He always drives me mental. "Give me something hard-hitting," he said. "Why not Har-dik?" I inquired in my favourite fake American accent, making it sound like quite something else. "You pervert," he screamed, "this government will shut us down." I said Hardik again, this time in my desi accent. "Now that sounds hard-hitting," he said. So we agreed. Hardik it was.

Pakistan Without Partition: Let's Revive The Buried Idea Of Indo-Pak Confederation

The idea of an India-Pakistan Confederation (which in today's context should also include Bangladesh) may seem far-fetched. However, as the two South Asian neighbours celebrate the 68th anniversary of their independence from British rule -- a joyous occasion that was accompanied by the horrific Partition-induced communal bloodbath -- it is useful to remember that some sort of India-Pakistan federation or confederation was a distinct possibility when the British left our subcontinent. Sadly, Congress and Muslim League leaders buried the opportunity due to their series of blunders and misjudgements.
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Why I Decided To Return Swades

For the 'well-paying' job (and the associated 'good quality life'), most of us give up most other considerations. It would be foolish of course to belittle the importance of money, but it is also ill-advised to give it too much weight. Understanding this subtle truth is the sine qua non for ensuring that the big choices of life stay choices, not bargains.

Life And Death Of Gandhiji Hold Lessons For A World In Conflict

In today's strife-torn world divided along race, religion, region, class and creed, the practice of Satyagraha becomes even more relevant. A peaceful struggle based on the principles of truth, non-violence and fierce belief in the righteousness of one's cause appeals to the moral conscience of the adversary, builds popular support without the threat of violence, and thus creates an atmosphere of dialogue and resolution for even the thorniest issues.