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The Indian Man's Tryst With His Wardrobe Is Just Becoming Exciting

A decade, even five years ago, if you happened to chance a peep into the wardrobe of an average Indian man, it would have been a Pandora's Box of stereotypes! A classic white shirt, a black three-piece suit, some polo t-shirts for the weekends, and if they were "experimental" then probably a suit in blue or beige -- but that's as far as it would go. The words "fashion" and "style" were too effeminate for them to consider when thinking of what clothes to buy.

How Indian Artisans Can Weave Their Magic In The Global Sphere

What we do best in India and what we are recognised most for internationally is embroidery. Artisans in India, however, often come from the poorest levels of society and are frequently illiterate. It is almost impossible for them to keep up with the times (as yet). Try ordering a few thousand metres of silk in Varanasi or Kanchipuram: production structures will not be able to deliver. This prevents our contributions from earning the recognition they deserve in the international luxury industry.