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Rail Budget May Be 'Disabled-Friendly' But Solutions Shouldn't Land In The Waiting Room

It is great to see the Minister of Railways' interest in access for persons with disabilities. His vision, if executed, will immensely help make the railways accessible for generations to come. However, as a wheelchair user who has never travelled I do hope the minister does look at some immediate steps he can take in making the railways accessible to the current citizenry of this country. For as Keynes said, "In the long run we are all dead."
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6 Idiotic Questions My Family Faces Every Day About Disability

In my previous post, I wrote about the many challenges, frustrations and humiliations that we, the disabled population of India, face. But we are not the only ones who are victims of insensitivity. Our spouses and children also have to tolerate humiliating situations on a regular basis. You will be shocked, annoyed and even amused when I tell you about the questions they have to field every day. Their answers, though, rock!
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Why People With Disabilities Need Opportunities, Not Charity

Vindhya began operating in 2006. We started by employing three physically challenged people. Today, we have over a 1000 employees and projected revenue of $4.2 million for 2015-2016. Vindhya is unique because it is a "for profit" organisation and has purposefully moved away from the NGO route. Our idea was to bring business and philanthropy together, envisioning an entirely new model of job creation for differently-abled people, one that is self-sustainable.