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Training People With Disabilities For Corporate Jobs: How We're Making It Happen

For most disabled people, corporate or professional jobs and careers don't even seem like a real possibility. The reasons are many, and relate to biases as much as they relate to organisational and logistical issues that are needed to create disability-friendly working environments. On the other hand, many disabled people have a hard time imagining that they can have a long and rewarding career. For them, their careers either came to an end, or they never really started.
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Why Does India Need Accessible Toilets For The Differently-Abled? Because It's 2015

I've been reviewing public toilets in Kolkata for my non-profit Loo Watch for a couple of months. In the 25 toilets I've visited so far, there are no provisions to make them accessible to the differently abled or the elderly. I saw a public toilet in the shape of the Sydney Opera House and another shaped like a metro rail coach, but I did not find any grab rails or ramps. How much would it have cost to put such basic elements in these government-run public toilets?
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Why People With Disabilities Need Opportunities, Not Charity

Vindhya began operating in 2006. We started by employing three physically challenged people. Today, we have over a 1000 employees and projected revenue of $4.2 million for 2015-2016. Vindhya is unique because it is a "for profit" organisation and has purposefully moved away from the NGO route. Our idea was to bring business and philanthropy together, envisioning an entirely new model of job creation for differently-abled people, one that is self-sustainable.

Being 'Normal'

As I became older, I realised my medical condition was different from other maladies. Other diseases were 'socially acceptable', mine was a taboo. If I told the truth, I would be subject to discrimination and stigma that could never be obliterated.

Me, My Son, My Career And A Wheelchair

The building has steep stairs, a faulty elevator without UPS backup and wait for it--the office toilet has a stair that is two-feet-high right in front of it! After a week, I went to the guy who owns the place and told him that these are my issues. He looked at me and said "I care a F@#K!"