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Rescuing India From The Ravages Of Non-Communicable Diseases

Liable for 53% of the disease burden, non-communicable diseases (NCDs) are depleting India of its economic, social and human resources. The World Economic Forum estimated that India stands to lose $4.58 trillion before 2030 due to NCDs and mental health conditions. To overcome this challenge, India needs to develop novel and innovative methods and approaches that are cost-effective and easy to adopt.
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Is Your Lifestyle A Standing Invitation For Diabetes? Make These Changes Now!

There is no doubt that we Indians are genetically and ethnically susceptible to diabetes and heart disease but like a tree to bloom you need 'nurturing' for diabetes to manifest into its full blown syndrome. These factors include inactivity, lack of physical exercise, faulty nutrition (starting from your mother's diet when you were in the womb!) and severe mental and physical stress.

A Vegan Diet Could be Your Best Line Of Defence Against Diabetes

This year's World Health Day has an extremely important theme, especially for Indians: "Beat Diabetes". According to the National Family Health Survey, there were more than 69 million registered cases of diabetes in India last year. The International Diabetes Federation expects that number to reach 123 million by 2040. Fortunately, sticking to plant-based meals can prevent, manage and even reverse diabetes.
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The Diabetes Epidemic Will Only Get Worse Unless We Act Right Now

The greatest threats to public health are far from shocking or contagious. They are familiar and common. Diabetes--a condition that's often the result of excess body weight and physical inactivity--is expected to increase rapidly to become the world's seventh largest killer by 2030. On World Health Day 2016, we have the potential to re-calibrate our priorities, recognize the public health threat diabetes poses and do something about it. We can defy expectations and beat the diabetes epidemic. The battle must begin.
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Gujiyas, Easter Eggs And Stable Sugar Levels... It Can Be Done

A series of festivals are just around the corner, holding the promise of gujiyas on Holi, hot cross buns on Good Friday and chocolate eggs on Easter. However, too many such indulgences and you could give your health a bit of a beating. The pounds can quickly pile on and blood sugar levels can go seriously out of whack, perhaps even triggering diabetes. Here are some strategies that will help you not only partake of festive treats but also protect your health.