Mocking The Bihar 'Toppers' Means Failing To See The Real Problem

Once a year, every year, there is at least one piece of news that questions the very existence of a viable education system in Bihar. Then, in the spirit of sensationalism, the media bypasses any debate on the education system and makes it a point to highlight everything regressive that can be attached to the state of Bihar. This year, it was the on-camera "examination" of two Bihar board toppers of the intermediate/Class 12th exams.
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The Core Reason Why Implementation Is So Difficult In India: Prejudice

Many a living room discussion on the state of welfare policies in India ends with the statement "the problem really is implementation". The conclusion rests on the idea that planning a policy is theoretical and complex, but implementing it is more about effective ground logistics; there is little reason beyond bad bureaucracy or corruption for it to not happen. This explanation ignores a fundamental obstacle to implementation: the prevalence of prejudice, and how implementers decide who gets what.

Why India's Demand For UN Tax Committee Holds The Key To Funding The Paris Deal

Achieving the goal of the Paris Agreement will require a major shift away from the fossil fuel-based economies of today to a more sustainable and green economy. Such a transition, needless to say, will be enormously expensive. The main source of financing will be public funds, essentially raised through taxation by the government. It is here that an ongoing reform effort at the United Nations must be brought into the picture -- the campaign for an intergovernmental tax committee.
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NATO Drawdown From Afghanistan: Can Regional Cooperation Be A Game Changer

While the prospect of India and Pakistan working together in Afghanistan may sound preposterous to many, as a counter to the not-so-improbable scenario of instability emanating from greater radicalization, terrorism, narcotics, refugee flows, a regime of enhanced joint counter-terrorism, counter-narcotics and greater information sharing mechanism would benefit both.