David Cameron

Theresa May, U.K. prime minister and leader of the Conservative Party, speaks at a general-election campaign event in Slough, U.K., on Tuesday, June 6, 2017. After the London and Manchester attacks, Theresa May says that only she can be trusted on the issue and accuses opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn of sympathizing with terrorists in the past. Corbyn retorts that May was in charge of internal security for six years before becoming prime minister and failed to make Britons any safer. Photographer: Gerry Penny/Pool via Bloomberg

UK Election 2017 Exit Poll Result Shock Predicts Hung Parliament, Theresa May To Fall Short Of Overall Majority

Theresa May will fall short of an overall majority, the shock general election exit poll has predicted. According to the BBC/Sky News/ITV poll conducted by NOP/Ipsos MORI released at 10pm on Thursday,...
Stefan Wermuth / Reuters

Paying The Price Of Being A 'Reluctant European'

David Cameron's exit speech, with his quivering lower lip, won some praise on social media. Very quickly, however, sentiments changed with the recognition that it was his disastrous decision, coupled with bad timing and strategic misreading of sentiment that plunged global markets in turmoil and uncertainty. Across the globe, the reaction quickly moved from shock and horror to ridicule and contempt.

UK Elections: Has Labour Lost The Plot For Good?

The results of the recent UK elections bring to light several interesting trends. The Tories won hands down with 330 seats, while Labour was reduced to 232 seats from 258. Some observers say that Labour lost because of their leader, Ed Miliband, who perhaps leaned a little too far to the left. Others go a step further and say that Left ideology has no room in today's electoral politics.

Why UK'S New Healthcare Charge Is Unfair To International Students

Was the government trying to fill two needs with one deed when it passed a legislation introducing a health surcharge for non-EEA (European Economic Area) users? Until the first week of April, NHS services were free for all UK residents and non-UK residents alike. It is worth examining whether the introduction of this charge is reasonable considering the billions of pounds international students already contribute to the UK economy.