Dadri Lynching


Dear Mr President, You Guided Us After Dadri. Now We Need Your Help With JNU

This ongoing controversy requires your urgent intervention, including the use of your legally defined powers as 'Visitor' in the university. In addition, as President, you are in a unique position to show the light to misguided students who are calling for the disintegration of the nation at a university which strives for the exact opposite. This is the time when you should order an inquiry in this matter, because the issue involved is as vital as the "Security, Sovereignty and Integrity" of India.

The Intolerance Debate And The Boundaries Of Democracy

India is country where a chief minister can call Prime Minister Narendra Modi a coward and a psychopath person. A woman can throw a flower pot at the PM's cavalcade and get nothing more than a rap on the wrist. And while this is a free country, does it mean that anyone can do whatever the hell they want? Democracy empowers people with freedom of speech and expression, but is this freedom not misused too often to count?
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My Visit To Bisara: Dadri Lynching Still Haunts Village

I was in Bisara on the day of the Bihar Assembly election results, but it was far removed from the excitement of the polls, bearing a deserted look and with a strong police presence maintaining a tight vigil even a month after the murder. The villagers were reluctant to speak to reporters, and some were openly hostile, saying things like, "Yeh media waale hain, inhe bhagao These people are from the media, drive them away)."
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What Does 'Rule Of Law' Really Mean In India?

India was ranked 59th in the Rule Of Law Index (ROL), 2015, released by the World Justice Project (WLP). The United Nations' and WLP's ROL indicators are mainly associated with the absence of corruption, open government, fundamental human rights, access to justice and clear regulatory framework. ROL is thus directly linked to the stability and progress of a country. But what exactly does the term mean, and how is it practised, in India?
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‘What's Wrong Happening Bhai?': Anupam Kher's Saffron Blinkers

On 3 November, Anupam Kher appeared on a popular (and noisy) prime time show on the "Tolerance Tussle" vis-à-vis what is being termed as the "Award Wapsi" movement. On the show, Kher duelled with Shobhaa De and repeated one question with emphatic innocence: "What's wrong happening bhai?" This reflects the height of hypocrisy as well as sheer disrespect for the intelligence of millions of serious-minded Indians who are feeling genuinely concerned about the increasing frequency of "state-connived hooliganism" and the crass indifference of those in power.