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My Kolkata Nightmare: Is There No Escape For Women Trapped In The 'Syndicate Raj'?

For two years, my mother and I have been living in hell. We've been subject to harassment, abuse and intimidation in our own home by a clearly criminal gang that calls itself a "syndicate". Its primary motive is real estate. As my mother holds a good portion of the land title through inheritance, the idea is to subject us to such terror that we flee. Syndicate gangs, like the mafia, have become an open, dirty "secret", a factor of life in West Bengal.
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Which Political Parties Are Associated With The Most Violence? Here's What I Found

Is violence the fief of a particular political ideology, and by extension the operationalizing political outfit? To answer this I analyze the data from the India Sub National Problem Set, which records information on violent conflicts in India until 2004. To narrow down on the issue of political violence, I focus on incidents where at least one political outfit was involved. In what follows, I discuss the emergent patterns.