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Lal Salaam To Comrade Bardhan: Memories Of An Anti-Khalistan Yatra In Punjab

Comrade AB Bardhan, former general secretary of the Communist Party of India (CPI), passed away on 2 January in New Delhi after prolonged illness. He was 92. My heartfelt lal salaam to him. He was a selfless and dedicated communist, whose heart beat for the working class and the poor in general. I had the privilege of knowing him well. Here is an indelible memory of how I first met Comrade Bardhan.
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What A Controversial Sri Narayana Guru Tableaux Tells Us About Kerala Politics

During the nineteenth century and the early part of twentieth century, almost all Hindu castes in Kerala went through turbulence, rebelling against the existing order that was perhaps the most rigid in India. Together, these social movements came to be known as Navothanam (Renaissance) in Malayalam. Sri Narayana Guru, who was born in the numerically strong Ezhava caste, through practical vision and spiritual leadership, transformed the social outlook of his community. But his impact went beyond the community. He was the principal change agent of the era for the downtrodden.