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Why Are So Many Humanities Students Activists?

Humanities students in India mainly study history, political science, philosophy, economics, sociology, anthropology and literature. If you think about it, what they study is the way in which the world came to be what it is today, and how it works. Everyone discusses social, political, cultural and other issues. But discussing issues and studying them are two different things.

How The Persecution Of Kanhaiya Kumar Pulled The Left Out Of The Red

The Delhi Police with its excesses, the black-coat-wearing assailants in Patiala House, and the hate-mongering television 'news' anchors have achieved what folks like EMS Namboodripad, Jyoti Basu, Inderjit Gupta, Prakash Karat, Gurudas Dasgupta, Sitaram Yechury and the like, could never have achieved. No one would not have invested so much time in listening to the views of a young student given to a certain worldview had it not been for the insecurity and aggressive censoriousness of those holding the contrary opinion.