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Has The Daily Show Found A Worthy Successor In Trevor Noah?

There is no denying he has considerable talent but equally important is that he made one and all laugh not through one-liners and punch lines but meticulously scripted and witty scenarios. Comedy as a political tool is not just for laughs. The power of comedy to provide voices where once voices were marginalized or make others laugh about the absurdity of reality is a great achievement and of course great entertainment.
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Bringing Up The Next-Gen Baby

No, I am not about to take a stance on whether or not women can have it all. We can all lean in or bend back or sway like the reeds on the banks of the Limpopo in the face of migrating hordes. But, in the meantime, I am totally marvelling over how we are raising the next-gen baby, as opposed to the next-gen baba, if you get my drift, and what it means for our economy.