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Dear Santa, Can I Have A Divorce For Christmas?

What strikes me as noticeably different this year is the number of legal enquiries that I've had about divorce around Christmas. In fact I ended up pacifying clients even on Christmas Day, along with wishing them holiday cheer. Picture this: "Merry Christmas and, yes, don't worry I'll send your spouse the legal notice for initiating divorce proceedings." Not a very happy scene, this one.

5 Ways To Celebrate The True Spirit Of Christmas

Christmas brings with it a gush of emotions and a charge of adrenaline for shoppers, what with myriad sales in shops and generous discounts on e-commerce websites. Many of us turn into compulsive shoppers. We shop for ourselves, we shop to gift, we shop to avail of discounts, we shop as a form of therapy. Somewhere along the way, the joy of celebration is lost.

A Christmas Challenge: What's The One Thing That Could Make You As Happy As A Child?

The other day, my little daughter asked, "Mum, you tell me, what do you want from Santa Claus?" Ah! I don't have a reply. To be honest, I am still searching for an appropriate answer. Really, what is that one thing that would make me happy, that would make me ask for no more, nothing else, at least for one good year? It's strange how these simple questions became so complicated, intimidating, haunting if I may...
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Photo Essay: I'm Dreaming Of A Calcutta Christmas...

For Calcutta, Christmas is an event where the city celebrates its centuries-old history and its multitudes of immigrant communities, cultures and religions in a manner that they retain their uniqueness, even as they blend, seamlessly, into one big celebration. It's an experience I've not witnessed with any other religious festival in India or anywhere else. It is this joy I share here with a set of pictures I took as I went around the city yesterday, enjoying its pre-Christmas celebration.
Rukmini Roy

10 Last Minute Christmas Decoration Ideas

While you can sit and blame your evil boss and sulk all day long as to how tyrannical these people are, we'd rather ask you to go on a date with our super-simple, easy last-minute Christmas decorating ideas that'll effortlessly bring in the Christmas cheer. The choice is yours, these are some pretty awesome hacks and we are so not sulking this Christmas!