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A Dynamic Career Vs. Climbing Up The Ladder

Is it time to question the unstated belief that career progression needs be a vertical journey, taking us to better and higher roles and titles than we had before? This belief is causing huge stress on both the individual and the organization -- the former due to sense of self-worth being linked to role and title, and the latter because of the pressure to provide growth for everyone lest they get demotivated and leave. Let's face it, only so much growth is possible.
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I Quit A Great Job to Follow My Husband: Should He Be Grateful For My ‘Sacrifice'?

The other day, a friend of mine from B-School who is soon to be married was brooding about her post-wedding plans. Specifically, she was wondering how she would balance her corporate career with her personal life. She said this to me then: "You were among the batch toppers on campus, among the first to land a great job with a leading company. You could have made a grand career for yourself. But I admire the selflessness with which you quit it all..."
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6 Top Global Recruitment Trends For 2016

The key to maintaining a successful business is always being aware of what is occurring in your industry and with your competitors, and recruitment is no different. In order to help you understand the key trends in global recruitment for 2016, Lucas Blake have put together an infographic that uses figures from the 5th LinkedIn annual report which surveyed almost 3900 global talent acquisition decision-makers.
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10 Promising Tech Careers For The Future

With the unstoppable march of smartphones and the Internet, IT has been steadily permeating into every part of our lives, redefining how we live and work. With automation, big data, 3D printing, artificial intelligence, cloud computing becoming a reality, the IT industry is beginning to introduce new career paths that were not previously available. Below is a list of promising career paths that will be the need of the hour for future techies and IT enthusiasts.