Gloom, Love And Ruskin Bond

I love Mr Bond. And today, on his birthday, I am thinking of him. He is the reason I started to read, he is the reason I started to write. He is one of the few writers who have the ability to hold my attention. One reason I admire his work is because his stories are not rooted in fantasy: he tells real stories of real people and places.

The Story Of Indian Censorship

The year was 1927 and Mohammad Hidayatullah, a young Indian from a literary family, had just been enrolled at Cambridge. He was eager to take in the drama scene, but had a problem. When he was a boy, his father had prohibited him from seeing a play called Nao Tanki.
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5 Tips To A Spectacular Book Pitch

A cover letter or an email which you will send across to editors across the country (or countries) can't be more than 200-300 words if you want it to be read. That's the one pager which will make all the difference on whether the editor will even pick up the first chapter of your manuscript. Which is why, the pitch is a nightmarish but important part of your path to publishing.