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‘Legal Confidential': An Exposé Of The Faustian World Of Commercial Law Practice

A book on how law firms operate is rare, particularly because of the inherent confidentiality obligation that binds lawyers. Yet, Ranjeev Dubey has taken the risk of writing a somewhat hyperbolic tell-all titled Legal Confidential: Adventures of an Indian Lawyer, largely narrating the story of how commercial law is practised (although he does risk confidentiality in the process).
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Take A Bow, Mrs Funnybones

Somewhere through the book you forget Mrs Funnybones (Twinkle Khanna) is a celebrity. She becomes so relatable that she could be anyone. She imparts certain life lessons and beliefs, although subtly and without being preachy. Not one to be diplomatic, she tells you exactly what she feels about the paparazzi clicking you unawares (when you aren't looking your best), Bollywood parties and even what she feels about her own name (which unfortunately rhymes with wrinkle). This isn't a spill-the-beans-on-Bollywood kind of book though, if you are looking for that.
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Book Review: Vir Sanghvi's ‘Mandate' Gets My Vote

When I first held Mandate: Will of the People by Vir Sanghvi in my hands, I muttered, "Can political truth really fit into this slim volume?" Moreover, a foreword written by Amish Tripathi, a writer of bestselling thrillers that merge fantasy and mythology, seemed odd -- my first thought was, "Has Sanghvi resorted to marketing gimmickry or will the book stand on its own feet?"