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My Experiment To Stop Seeking Acceptance, Validation And Appreciation On Social Media

On a certain day I posted two things on Facebook, 1) A very sad feeling of being heartbroken and in need of a hug, 2) A stupid photo of me in a stupid hat. The hat got over 30 likes, but the sad post earned me a total of zero words of comfort. I was so frustrated I deleted the hat photo. People find it easier to cheer for pretentious, happy updates and feel totally clueless about what to do with your misery. And that's just so superficial it frustrates me.

Top 5 Reasons Why Bloggers Fail

With millions of blogs already on the web, and new ones getting in on the act, blogging is an activity that sees a mind-boggling investment of cumulative time and effort. But while all blogs are started with a degree of passion, only some succeed. To be a booming blogger, it is significant you understand that why other bloggers fail.

Why I do not review books for free

Recently, an author with a book fresh from the press sent me review request. Came down straight to the point in a two-line mail - "Where should I send you a copy". No, he did not ask me what the proce...