Bharat Mata Ki Jai

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Here's A Reminder: Bharat Mata Is NOT A Religious Symbol

Respect for mothers is an integral part of Indian culture. Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Christians and all other communities virtually venerate the mother. To portray the country as the mother is to assign it maternal attributes like affection, nurturing, and fertility, which are completely religion neutral. Most Indian Muslims see this rationale and therefore have never had a problem saying these words. Those who do object to it, either incorrectly interpret the meaning of the slogan, or are being misguided by those with vested interests.
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Forget Bharat Mata, When Will The BJP Chant The Slogans That Really Matter?

India has the largest population is the world without access to clean water. Water Aid, an international charity, says that 76 million Indians don't have access to safe water. When will the BJP chant the slogan "Clean Water for All"? According to a study, a woman is raped every 30 minutes in India. Every two minutes, a woman is a victim of a crime. When will the BJP chant the slogan "Safety for All Women and Children"?

We Are Losing Sight Of What The Indian Tricolour Really Teaches Us

Flags, anthems, and slogans are only symbols. What they represent is what matters. Indian universities have been commanded to fly the national flag on a very high pole, ostensibly to make students better nationals. One hopes that the flag is made of the prescribed materials, and in the prescribed dimensions and colors, and does not dishonor the nation. More importantly, one wonders if the students and their teachers know the meaning of the flag.