So, How Judgemental Are You? Try This Test To Find Out

What if I started talking about Anu Aggarwal? You'd switch tabs to check other news, right? No news about her is breaking news. When she did the disappearing act in the 90s, I presumed (just like most of you Bollywood buffs, I'm sure) that there were no takers for her kind of acting prowess, or the lack of it. And then Ctrl+Alt+Del. And why am I blabbering about Ms Aggarwal today? Because the recent launch of her book triggered some nodes in my brain.
damedeeso via Getty Images

What Is Your 'Cool' Quotient?

Cool is exclusive, the opposite of mass. It thrives on the attitude that if your neighbours are in on it, it can't be cool. It's morphed into gadgets, technology, cars, people, music or parties accessible to few but coveted by many. This is where the new trends of individual designs, customisation and personalisation are getting a foothold. The minute everyone has the same gadget, you have to admit that you're just not as cool any longer.