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The Housing Woes Of Lord Jagannath

My charmingly laidback home state of Odisha has been, of late, become witness to flurried activity. Hardly has the alarmingly passionate debate (euphemism for trading of insults) over the origins of the roshogolla with our worthy Bengali neighbours cooled down, and we are stuck with the acute housing problems of our Lord Jagannath. There you go! Housing woes affect the divine too!

Keeping Charles Correa's Work Alive: An Interview With Dr Irena Murray

I recently had the opportunity to interview Dr Irena Murray, an architectural historian and an honorary member of the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) who was recently in India delivering a series of lectures on the works renowned architect Charles Correa (who passed away last year). If anyone should be an expert on the subject it's her. Dr Murray worked closely with Charles Correa, as well as with colleagues in India and the Correa Foundation. Together they developed a truly fantastic digital archive of his work.
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Dropping Ideas

The last two years alone have taken me to places, the names of which -- let alone having heard of -- I couldn't even pronounce. An early thought while struggling with my 'thinker's-block' , was to write about all the quaint, faraway, almost mythical towns, I like to say, I met.