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What Anupam Kher Should Learn From MS Dhoni About Responsible Brand Endorsement

Just this month, Indian skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni called off his deal with real-estate group Amrapali as their brand ambassador. Reason: the miffed residents of realtor's Sapphire project in Noida launched a campaign on social media requesting the cricketer to either disassociate himself from the brand or ask them to complete the pending work as promised. Dhoni set the right example by dumping the brand and also assuring people that he'd take up the matter with the company. Now, take the conduct of Anupam Kher...
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Anti-Nationals, Cockroaches And Gutter-Level Debate: Are We Flirting With The Language Of The Third Reich?

Anupam Kher recently implied in the context of the JNU debate that "cockroaches, insects and vermin" were being subjected to "pest control". Exactly this sort of intemperate and incendiary language was deployed by the Third Reich to demonize and 'otherize' those who didn't agree with them. They selectively applied it to Jews and gypsies, opponents and gays alike. In Mein Kampf Adolf Hitler constantly referred to the 'others' as insects and vermin to drive home a point that they were lesser human beings who had to be extirpated.
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How Intolerant Anupam Proved Salman Nizami Right

Anupam Kher is a good actor, and I have admired him in several films. Nonetheless, it was not surprising that questions were asked when he was conferred one of the highest honours of the land, the Padma Bhushan. One particularly well-worded critique was an open letter to Kher written by Salman Nizami, published in the Huffington Post. After reading Nizami's letter, one expected a humble, graceful, fatherly (Salman is his son's age) and mature response from Kher. That was not to be.