Animal Rights

PROVINCETOWN, MA - MARCH 11: A right whale comes to the surface. Researchers on board the Shearwater from the Provincetown Center for Coastal Studies, look for right whales off the coast of Provincetown, Cape Cod. Right whales, after centuries of decline, are showing signs of recovery and making a comeback. NOAA Federal permit 14603. (Photo by David L Ryan/The Boston Globe via Getty Images)

Right Whales Could Face Extinction After Deadly Year, Researchers Say

An already dire situation for North Atlantic right whales became even worse in 2017. This species of whale is among the most endangered animals in the world, and if significant actions to recover thei...
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Kerala Is Defying Both Logic And Law By Culling Stray Dogs

So here we go again. An elderly lady was tragically mauled to death by a pack of stray dogs, and the Kerala state government has decided to take the easy way out and do a mass culling of stray dogs, just like last year. Animal lovers and welfare groups are trying their best to advocate the right to life of these dogs, again just like last year. Those who support the state government's decision emphasize that stray dogs are a continual menace to society, just like last year.
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We Are Free, But Why Are We Condemning Animals To Captivity?

Today, India celebrates 69 years of freedom. That single word encapsulates the right as well as the power to think, act and live with dignity. It took years of struggle and sacrifice for the citizens of India to realize this dream. But have these fundamental rights that we human beings cherish and celebrate every year blinded us to the pain and struggle of millions of animals willfully denied their basic freedoms to serve human ends?
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Savagery In The Name Of Civilization: The Slaughter Of Stray Dogs By Kolkata Residents

Despite the facelift that the city has received of late, no amount of facades can hide this particular dark side of Kolkata. In the "posh" residential complex of Diamond City West (DCW) in South Kolkata, the upper middle-class residents have been lynching and slaughtering street dogs -- at least 16 of them. The civilized residents were, perhaps, just keeping their complex free of street dogs, all for the sake of "development" and "aesthetic beauty".