Augustus, Aurangzeb And Donald Trump

While Trump’s freewheeling statements appear like a solution to American problems in the short term, be forewarned -- it could be the writing on the wall for the demise of the American Republic as we know it. History warns us that both the Roman and Mughal empires never recovered from the self-interested, power hungry, divisive policies that Augustus and Aurangzeb unleashed.

ISIS, It's Time You Had An Abortion

What you are asking of, or expecting people to do is insane. It's like my mother is still alive and I love her very much, yet you come, stone her head, kill her right in front of my eyes and then come tell me, "Call me, mommy." Fearing for my life, I just might. But deep inside I am going to curse you. Hate you real good.
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9 Historical Moments That Show What Makes America Great

This past week Britain voted to leave the EU. A key theme of the 'Leave' campaign was to wrest control of the nation back and reclaim "lost English pride". In America, Donald Trump has been campaigning since last summer to "Make America Great Again". But what constitutes a nation's greatness or glory? And what is this lost greatness that Trump is seeking to find in America. Perhaps a historical tour through some seminal moments of American history might shed some light on "American greatness".
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Notes On Unsettlement From A Washington Bedroom

Sunlight wedges through the edge of a closed curtain, drapes a slit of yellow on the corner of a white-linen bed, and tucks itself behind the adjoining table's crocheted cotton. It is a peaceful beauty, one I am unaccustomed to. Cushioning the fall of sound, cream-coloured carpet greets naked feet with a hush. It's a clean, pristine, dustless world. Welcome, to a bedroom in Washington.

Why We Need To Accept That Omar Mateen Was Not Just Another Muslim Terrorist

We must be careful of how we set the discourse on the Orlando massacre. Very evidently, Omar Mateen wasn't the simple Kalashnikov-toting, vest-wearing Muslim terrorist that most of us are familiar with. While the dominant narrative serves to highlight the proliferating global appeal of the Islamic State's virulent ideology, it not only subdues a vital discussion on Mateen's chequered personal history but also conveniently diverts the popular narrative from the stark reality of the severe discrimination and bigotry that the queer community confronts on an everyday basis.

Civil Rights, Nationalism And The Power Of Students' Movements

As important elections loom in America and India, people in both countries have been worried about the rise of an increasingly divisive and antagonistic kind of politics. The existence of such voices in a democracy is not as troubling as the fact that these views are clearly resonating with parts of the population. However, while the politics of the two countries share many aspects, there are also similarities in the movements that have sprung up to oppose these divisive tendencies.
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Post Spike In Hate Crimes, US Sikh Community Launches New Tool To Report Incidents

A gurudwara in Buena Park, California, was vandalized days after the San Bernardino shooting. Graffiti sprayed on the walls included the word "Islahm" [sic] and an expletive directed at the ISIS. In the past two months, the number of legal intakes the Sikh Coalition has processed has increased threefold. Now, a new resource known as Report Hate will address harassment and racism directed at Sikhs.
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The Price Of An NRI's ‘Privilege'

If I live in India again will I get it all back? Will it be the same as it was before? Even if I rediscover the ability to push my car through small spaces with a staid face, will I be able to erase the immutable changes my mind has undergone over the last one and a half decades and revert it to its pre-immigration state? Will I be at home or will I this time around look for home in American movies?

The Canard Of The Shia-Sunni War In The Middle East

Ever since the execution of Shia cleric Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr by Saudi Arabia, the retaliatory attack on the Saudi embassy in Tehran and the subsequent diplomatic and trade cut off between Iran and Saudi Arabia, the media has reported widely on the Shia-Sunni divide. But how relevant is this? Are we really witnessing a Shia-Sunni division in Middle East?

Waiting For The Next San Bernardino

I believe that it's pointless to blame race or religion for mass shootings. Guns are an equaliser, they all use them. It's simple: if there were stricter gun control laws, there would be fewer mass shootings. Meanwhile, and my heart sinks as I say this, we are not safe in America. All we can do is hope that the next shooting, and there's no doubt that it will happen, won't strike too close to home.
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Please Don't Turn Away Refugees, America. It's Not American

This is a country built by immigrants and even after 25 years here, I still idealise the famous inscription on The Statue of Liberty: "Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free." But since the 13 November terror attacks in Paris by Islamist extremists, which killed some 130 people, a majority of people in America have rejected the idea of admitting refugees from Syria, a national poll by Bloomberg Politics shows.
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Pakistan's 'Truth' On Kashmir Is Mostly Argumentative

If the Hurriyat Conference and its constituents so chafe under Indian rule, why do they not move to Pakistan? Pakistan, after all, exists for all the Muslims of the Indian subcontinent and nowhere does it say that 1947 was the cutoff point on immigration. Also, considering the 65% voter turnout in the 2014 assembly elections, it seems the majority of Kashmiris have already made peace with living under India.

Can A Slow And Steady Jeb Bush Win GOP Presidential Nomination?

Hailing from a family of two former US presidents, Jeb Bush carries with him, for good or bad, plenty of family baggage. However, he has mentioned on several occasions that his family name has given him no unique claim to the Oval Office. So far, Jeb Bush has been vigorously campaigning, strengthening his super-PAC and has been able to establish himself as an accomplished candidate for the GOP presidential nomination.