5 Reasons Why PR Can Finally Take The Lead In The Digital World

"In the digital world, PR agencies will have a much larger play." This statement by Amitabh Kant, the CEO NITI Aayog, at a recent public relations and communications awards gathering, received thunderous applause from the audience. He said what everyone there wanted to hear. This is precisely what most PR agencies have being vying for since the time digital media took the communications industry by storm. And here’s why I think it’s time for PR’s time in the sun.
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PR V Advertising: Dawn Of Publicity

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was one of the most anticipated movies of 2016, and rightly so. It's not every day that two superheroes feature in the same movie, let alone fight each other. So I thought I'd try to differentiate between PR and advertising using these characters as references.
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Modern Indian Women's Aspirations To Balance Home And Work

Modern Indian women's aspirations are not to shed traditional gender roles but to acquire new un-gendered roles.So while women are working and perhaps taking higher position than their husbands, they are still cooking because that remains their domain and that is their expression of love and care. And men continue to stick to their traditional roles with no sense of urgency to share household responsibilities.
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AAP's Propagandist Ad Is Speaking To The Delhi Man's Ultimate Fantasy

Watching the AAP ad made me think of other things too, like the fact that there are absolutely no women in Mr Kejriwal's cabinet, or of the CM's message on International Women's Day when he talked about how his wife and mother ran the house and supported him while he was out there fighting corruption. In that message, he also said something about how 'women fulfil their responsibilities honestly without making any fuss, which is what I saw the woman in this ad doing now.