Can Shopping Become An Addiction?

It's called retail therapy for a reason. And there's nothing wrong with a new pair of pumps to boost the mood every now and then, right? Well that depends on just how frequent that 'now and then' is....

How To Survive Your Grief

It's been nearly two years since my husband Rob passed away by suicide, proving that time can be both elastic and uncompromising. Elastic in that if I close my eyes, I can almost hear his voice in the...

Confessions Of A Former Addict

I became an addict in 2007. It started quite simply. I had heard about it from friends. Some of whom I had known for several years and some I had just recently met. I don't recall a specific conversation or a moment. It was just one of those things. A friendly but constant murmur… "You've got to try it!", "It's so amazing", "Out of this world!"