Delhi's Slide From Democracy To Despotism

In the last few weeks, the Lieutenant Governor has been cancelling/overturning/staying orders passed by the Government of Delhi. On 30 August 2016, he issued order staying more than 400 decisions taken by Delhi government since it came to power, and thus reducing a democratically elected government to nothing.
Hindustan Times via Getty Images

The Sandeep Kumar Sex Scandal Reinforces AAP’s Clean Image

Cheerleaders of the BJP and opponents of the AAP got into their usual rut immediately after the news broke of the Sandeep Kumar sex tape and his subsequent sacking. “Is this the clean politics Arvind Kejriwal promised? How did three ministers have to be sacked within one year?” asked righteous voices from all sides. Editor of news agency ANI Smita Prakash tweeted, “Just like any other party.” But really? If that had been true, no minister of ours would ever have been sacked.
Ahmad Masood / Reuters

The Corruption Joke, Pal!

When is the last time you remember a prime-time debate or a newspaper headline featuring anti-corruption crusader Anna Hazare? My personal guesstimate is not even once in the last four years. Practically no one ever mentions what had become then the national shibboleth -- the Lokpal Bill. What has led to Hazare’s ignominious fall and the dramatic disappearance of the Lokpal Bill from public memory? Was that self-righteous brouhaha just a deadly political game in clever disguise?