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Hindustan Times via Getty Images

The Sandeep Kumar Sex Scandal Reinforces AAP’s Clean Image

Cheerleaders of the BJP and opponents of the AAP got into their usual rut immediately after the news broke of the Sandeep Kumar sex tape and his subsequent sacking. “Is this the clean politics Arvind Kejriwal promised? How did three ministers have to be sacked within one year?” asked righteous voices from all sides. Editor of news agency ANI Smita Prakash tweeted, “Just like any other party.” But really? If that had been true, no minister of ours would ever have been sacked.

Votes Matter, Voters Do Not

"Democracy" in India continues to be severely impaired. It is mercifully loaned to the citizens only to cast a vote during elections, but at all other times "democracy" remains a mere throwaway phrase, conveniently molested by the Indian political class.