Dear Firecracker Enthusiast, Do What You Like But Please Respect This One Word

28/10/2016 4:46 PM IST | Updated 30/10/2016 9:20 AM IST
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Dear firecracker enthusiast,

I am writing as a mother of a three-year-old who hasn't slept for three nights. I have spent all these nights trying to pacify a scared and crying child. I have spent these nights covering his ears so that he doesn't hear the noise that he fears so much.

I am sure that you are wondering how this concerns you. You see, those things that my son is scared of are your firecrackers. I am not here to give you any lecture about pollution, garbage, animals or even sick elders. Though I must confess that I am seriously judging you for having no heart. Also I have no concern for you wasting your money and time on this momentary joy. Like I said I am no moral police and nor am I a hypocrite.

I have one problem, your lack of understanding of the word "deadline."

I admire you and your enthusiasm in celebrating the festival. In fact the crackers haven't stopped for three days now. That is some commitment towards blowing and burning things up.

But I have one problem, your lack of understanding of the word "deadline." You know that part of law that says you cannot do a certain thing—in this case burst firecrackers—beyond a certain time limit?

You see deadlines were created so that people like us who do not share your interest in explosions can sleep. These deadlines also give us some assurance that we won't need to spend all night closing the ears of a three year old so that they can sleep too. You know what sleep is right? It's essential for most of us.

I also admire the fact that safety doesn't concern you. Safety is a concern for people like us, not for people like you who have been living life on the edge for these three days. But please don't burn down my house. You see, it is very difficult for me to pacify a scared and crying child and watch out for the rockets that pass by my window, lest the next one shoot in and set fire to something. I am sure your family would not like to face the after-effects of the risks you take.

I really love this festival of Diwali. It ranks up there as my second favourite. The top favourite is Raksha Bandhan in case you are wondering. And I have no moral lessons on how to celebrate this festival. Really I respect your way, I just implore you to respect mine and of course pay heed to the law.

I can understand how difficult it is for you to understand and give regard to the concerns of others. Who does that right? Who thinks of other people? When you are thinking of your enjoyment, nothing should come in the way. Who bothers about the air and noise pollution, when in that little moment watching the crackers burst gives you so much joy? And for sure who cares about animals, birds and the environment when you don't care for other humans?

I can understand how difficult it is for you to understand and give regard to the concerns of others. Who does that right?

The problem is we have become a highly apathetic society. So you might just dismiss this as an angry rant of a mother. But I hope you realize that this is not just my problem, I am just the one insane enough to voice it.

This is not a moral lesson. This is just a simple plea to follow basic laws and ensure the peace and safety of the living beings around you.

I hope that this Diwali rids us all of our apathy toward each other. We could use some real celebrating and joy. Let us all work towards a happy New Year and a true new beginning.

From a sleep deprived, migraine-afflicted, concerned mom.

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