My Final Thoughts Before My Big Debut, 'Mirzya'

07/10/2016 10:52 AM IST | Updated 07/10/2016 11:11 AM IST
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I'm writing this piece as we prepare to land at Heathrow for the world premier of Mirzya. This is a dream come true for all of us—to showcase our labour of love at BFI (British Film Institute), which is an amazing stage.

On the eve of Mirzya's release I'm unusually calm, which might seem strange to many. My calm has something to do with a question I've often asked myself: WHY? Why did I choose to become an actor? And the answer is clear and will always remain so—it's my love for films, to push boundaries, to tell Indian stories to the world and not get lost in Friday morning battles. To do work that will live on, make art that has a life, that can be celebrated, and even if we fail, we know we tried and will always remember what our intentions were.

I've already won a battle with myself, and I'll reap the benefits of that for as long as I live—that's completely up to me ...

It's the best job in the world, and when you collaborate with likeminded people, a fire is lit. And the audience senses it, because love travels, passion travels, and it can be felt by us all—especially those that pay the price of a ticket and sit in the halls. And I have complete faith in that if nothing else.

Yes, everyone wants to be successful and sell many tickets, but what does selling tickets mean? It's about how many people your work has reached. Mirzya will reach the people it has to one way or another... I believe in that.

I've talked about my preparation and journey... no matter what happens, it will never be for nothing because I've already won a battle with myself, and I'll reap the benefits of that for as long as I live—that's completely up to me ...

Mirzya is a ride—a wild ride of romance and connections that spans lifetimes. I want to take my viewers on a similar journey through my career and to do something radically different every time they put their faith in me. I'll never mimic anybody or follow any path or rule because that's not who I am. Paths have to be carved out afresh and rules can be broken. I've been lucky to have great influences in my directors and have been able to take that leap already.

Join me for Mirzya, the first of hopefully many great films and let's go to a new place. Dare to love.

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