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Syed Zafar Mehdi


I am a 28-year-old journalist, originally from Kashmir, currently based in Kabul. I previously worked as the editor of Afghan Zariza, the first news magazine from Afghanistan. With more than seven years of experience under my belt, my work has featured in Al Jazeera English, Asia Times, Wisden India, Outlook India, The Times of India, The Hindu, Hindustan Times, Mint Lounge, The Daily Times (Pakistan), The Friday Times (Pakistan), The Oslo Times (Norway), Al-Akhbar (Lebanon), Press TV (Iran), Greater Kashmir, Kashmir Ink etc.
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The Deadly Momentum Of Afghanistan-Pakistan Border Clashes

What starts as intermittent exchange of fire can sometimes escalate to a full-blown war with far-reaching consequences. Over the past one week, these fears were ignited when estranged neighbours Pakistan and Afghanistan resorted to brinkmanship, flexed their military muscle and fired artillery at the Torkham border, leading to many casualties.
21/06/2016 8:28 AM IST
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India Wins Hearts In Afghanistan With The 'Friendship Dam'

Taking their "development partnership" to the next level, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani inaugurated the Salma Dam during an impressive ceremony in western Herat province on 4 June. Though the dam has been the target of many terrorist attacks over the years, the people of Afghanistan have been have been overwhelmingly supportive of the project.
07/06/2016 8:21 AM IST
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Why Pakistan Is A Roadblock In Afghanistan's Quest For Peace

Afghan authorities have not directly accused Pakistan of involvement in the Kabul attack of 19 April, but many senior government and security officials have blamed the hostile neighbour for providing sanctuary to terror groups -- most notably the notorious Haqqani Network -- attacking Afghanistan. Kabul intelligence chief Omar Aziz, addressing a press conference, said the attack was orchestrated "outside the country", stopping short of mentioning Pakistan.
20/05/2016 8:31 AM IST