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Rohit Kumar


Rohit Kumar is an educator who conducts community-building workshops for high school students and teachers. His mission is to increase the Emotional Quotient of his audiences and to end bullying in classrooms. Rohit has more than two decades of experience conducting high-impact personal development workshops and training seminars across domains. He is also deeply concerned about underprivileged children in India and conducts unique social development programmes for marginalized children. Rohit has authored 'Tales from the Jail - Christmas in Tihar & Other Stories.' ( )


A Schoolteacher's Heartfelt Letter To Parents

Dear Mr. and Mrs. _____________, Greetings! I'm writing to you as a teacher, as someone who has taught your child, and also as someone who knows what it is like to bring up a child. I know what it is...
12/06/2017 8:50 AM IST