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Purba Ray


A teacher not so long ago, she took to writing on a whim after leaving her job. Has an opinion on nearly everything, fact or fiction, beginnings or ends, light or heavy, long or short.
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OMG, Beta, You've Become Darker And Uglier!

People often ask me where and how I got my sense of humour. Well, it's time to reveal it all. I developed it at a very young age as a defence tactic. I used it to counter hurt. When on a sunny lazy vacation afternoon an aunt told me that I'd get married only because I had beautiful feet, I told her I'd ask a burqa to adopt me and make sure the world wouldn't have to see the rest of me.
08/08/2016 10:34 AM IST
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Can The Gau Rakshaks Save Us From Gurujams And Potholes?

It is for a reason that Gurgaon was renamed as Gurugram. We are moonwalking back to our rural roots. Potholes are lovingly nurtured on streets so that they can turn into ponds during the monsoons. Roads have not been repaired for years so that they resemble the dirt tracks of in Guru Dronacharya's gram. Residents are often left fumbling in the dark, just like in olden times. If rumours are to be believed, the city will soon have Mercedes Bhains showrooms…
04/08/2016 6:33 PM IST
Hindustan Times via Getty Images

The Unbearable Burden Of Being A Class 12 Student In India

If you are a parent of a teen who has just appeared for her board exams, you will know exactly what it feels like when the results are about to be declared. It's like waiting for your own results. Only this time, you are not a carefree teen but a worry-wart adult plagued by ifs and buts, and what will the world and its aunt think if your child scores an abysmal 85%? Even Mrs Chatterjee's useless son scored a 97%!
03/06/2016 7:56 AM IST
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The Indian Man's All-Too-Public Love Affair With Boxers

Like the elusive true love he has always dreamed of, his boxers are accommodating, always at his bidding, and accompany him wherever he wants without a murmur of protest. Their love is unconditional, regardless of his expanding girth, shrinking memory and cluelessness about "you-don't-love-me-anymore" outbursts. They definitely give him more space than his relationship. What's more, he can lovingly caress his posterior and scratch his interiors without hindrance.
29/05/2016 12:58 AM IST