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A lifestyle blog with a difference

A lifestyle blog with a difference. A blog that is about only one thing: how to be yourself. A blog from a meditators’ perspective, exploring the essential questions of how to fulfil our potential. How to live a life of love and laughter?

You have already read so much advice about changing yourself to suit this fashion or that fashion. How to become this, or how to become that. But where can you learn how just to be.

And the original source of all tension is becoming. One is always trying to be something; no one is at ease with himself as he is. The being is not accepted, the being is denied, and something else is taken as an ideal to become. So the basic tension is always between that which you are and that which you long to become.

With interviews, articles, features, an Art Gallery, insights, Haikus, your questions answered… and much more. All from the radical perspective that what is most fulfilling in life is to be oneself.

Avoiding Crisis Means Avoiding Life

Crisis is the very air in which our being thrives. Man is always in crisis. Man is crisis ... constant. It is not accidental, it is essential. Man's very being consists of crisis, hence the anxiety, t...
16/11/2016 4:06 AM IST

Why Are We So Idiotic?

Imagine if suddenly the astronomers discover a planet, within reaching distance, just like Earth. How excited everyone would be. Let's say it has oceans and lakes, has a good temperature for humans, h...
20/10/2016 5:53 AM IST
AcidLabs via Getty Images

Sex Trumps The Donald

The feminine qualities, whether in men or women, have been denigrated, abused, humiliated -- or ignored. So, what is the end result of all these masculine qualities? A violent, divided world-- drowning in displaced, homeless, hungry, poor people -- that is close to self-annihilation through global warming or a nuclear winter. Good try guys! Or, as our favourite male boss might say, "You're fired." Before we wipe ourselves off the face of the Earth, would anybody be so bold as to suggest doing something different? Osho explains exactly what and why...
29/06/2016 12:39 PM IST
Natural at it's best. via Getty Images

Give Yourself the Best Present There Is

What is driving this insane obsession to keep moving round and round in circles, like a complete ring of ants on a plate, just following the ant in front till they drop? Unless we can understand what keeps us moving towards oblivion, we will never discover how to stop. Would a little wisdom help? Osho explains...
20/05/2016 1:40 PM IST
Getty Images

Mothers Are The Most Creative Beings On Earth

You are creating a human being--that is the greatest creation! A painter paints a picture; we call it great art. Picasso--we call him a great artist. But what about the mother who created Picasso? A poet writes beautiful poems, but what about the mother who created Shakespeare? We don't think about mothers as the greatest creative people on Earth.
09/05/2016 11:45 AM IST