Mala Chandrashekhar


How We Can Breathe New Life Into The Clay Dolls Of Krishnanagar

Currently, the artisans are in dire financial straits primarily due to a lack of patrons and proper promotions. There is no support from the government either. No one wants to invest in them. This naturally reflects in the quality of their workmanship. Nowadays, the figures lack that characteristic intricacy and attention to detail for which the dolls were renowned.
09/08/2015 8:53 AM IST

Preserving Our Rich Handicrafts' Tradition Means Lifting Artisans Out Of Poverty

The intricate crafts of India may be incredible in the eyes of foreign tourists, but most of the people who create them continue to live without even the most basic amenities. Even as their exquisite work earns them accolades and gives India its rightful place in the world of art, it doesn't translate to education, safety, health and even a decent livelihood for these craftspeople - weavers, potters and artists.
15/07/2015 2:57 PM IST