Lakshmy Ramanathan

Subir Basak via Getty Images

So Is It Wrong To Pray In Leggings?

Clampdowns serve no purpose. If we're not supposed to bat an eyelid for a sadhu who covers his modesty with an orange loin cloth, I am sure we can breathe easy for a woman in leggings and jeans. Please let's not rewind to the time when women played lawn tennis in ankle length gowns. It's simply ludicrous.
13/01/2016 8:28 AM IST
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How To Live Large, Whatever Your Size

Interestingly, I never thought I was fat. Not when I was 12 years old. Not when I was 22. Not now, when I am pushing 30 and have loosened muscles all over after carrying a child for nine months. But I have always been described as large by the people around me -- in a way that makes me feel bad about being big.
26/04/2015 8:22 AM IST

Have Faith In Faith

Faith doesn't need us to fight its wars, embark on low-oxygenated pilgrimages, resort to masochism, glorify or defile its texts. It can take care of itself and reveals itself for whatever it is worth. You have to have faith in it.
15/12/2014 10:09 PM IST