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Kartik Maini

Student, St. Stephen's College, Delhi

Kartik is an undergraduate student of history in St. Stephen's College, Delhi. He considers himself a lover of language, an incorrigible nerd who best expresses himself through the written word. Given his rich variety of interests, his professional engagement, therefore, has revolved around writing, journalism, editorial work, museology, and activism.
Adnan Abidi / Reuters

I Am A Kashmiri Hindu And I Raise My Voice Against The Indian State's Onslaught On Kashmir

I must confess it is rather hilarious for me, as a Kashmiri Hindu, to be questioned on the infamous premise of “what-about-ery”. What about Kashmiri Hindus, such as myself? What about our beloved armed forces? Are their lives not lives; do they not matter? People who ask such questions include, to my bewilderment, even those who recognize the significance of saying “Black Lives Matter”, as opposed to “all lives matter.”
13/07/2016 6:49 PM IST