Harish Khare

Sandeep Joshi

Carry On Dr Swamy

You have every right to give a fair warning that there are 27 other officials on your list who you think need to be "fixed". This is too modest a figure, for a vast and Byzantine bureaucracy. About time we had a comprehensive purge.
24/06/2016 2:44 PM IST

How Did Modi Win It?

When in 2013 Modi sought to storm his way on to the national centre stage, I was fairly certain that moderate forces and reasonable men and women would be able to stand up to him; and, when that did not happen and he managed to frogmarch the Bharatiya Janata Party to his will, I began to watch with alarm as a determined and well-financed Modi sneered his way to national victory.
31/12/2014 8:11 AM IST