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Dushyant Krishnan is a lawyer with a keen interest in food safety and food law. He set up, India’s first online destination for food safety, security and food law. foodnetindia’s mission is to educate Indians about food safety. He can be reached at
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Is Your Bowl Of Cornflakes A Sugar Bomb?

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Many of us wake up every morning looking forward to a bowl of cornflakes or some other cereal. That's because we have been told that cereals are a healthy breakfast, and a great way to start the day. But is that bowl of cereal (usually eaten with milk and sugar) really the best way to kick-start your day? I'm not too sure about that.
19/07/2016 7:17 PM IST
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‘Hidden Sugar' Could Be Sabotaging Your Healthy Diet

Every single mother has told her kids not to eat too many sweets and chocolates because sugar is bad for them. They're right of course. There is a huge amount of research linking excess sugar intake to various lifestyle diseases. But what about the sugar that people don't know they're consuming? It comes hidden in everything from noodles to bread to cornflakes.
19/06/2016 9:08 AM IST
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They Kill The Insects, But What Are They Doing To You?

Every kid has heard his or her mom order them to eat their vegetables (as a vegetarian, it was either that or nothing for me!). Even in school, we were taught that vegetables are an important source of vitamins, minerals and fibre. Of course, all of this is true, but what else are we eating ALONG with the veggies?
30/05/2016 8:27 AM IST
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India's Big Fat Weight Problem

I was obese for most my school days, and I hated it. There were so many things I just couldn't do, and not all of it was related to physical activity. I developed self-confidence issues as well. Being an overweight kid is a horrible experience. It's all up to you, parents! Don't let your kids go through it as I did!
14/05/2016 8:26 AM IST
Florian Werner / LOOK-foto via Getty Images

Is Safe Drinking Tap Water A Pipe Dream?

Let's face it, water almost everywhere in India is not safe to drink without purifying it, either by boiling or by using a water purifier. Nor does recycled water appear to be safe for irrigation. After nearly 70 years of independence, we still can't be sure about the safety of water coming out of our taps, or the safety of the water we use for our crops. This is absolutely unacceptable.
05/05/2016 8:10 AM IST
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Why Vanaspati Ghee Should Come With A Warning Label

My mom leaves for work at 6am every morning, which means I make my own breakfast (three fried eggs with sautéed vegetables, and a protein shake). I fry my eggs in butter. I know most people would call me crazy, and tell me that I will get fat (I'm still the skinniest guy around!), but trust me, it's safer than vanaspati ghee (partially hydrogenated vegetable oil), and many other commercially available vegetable oils.
02/05/2016 8:07 AM IST
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Heat, Meat And The Truth About Your Local Butcher

Everybody in India has seen the ubiquitous meat shops with carcasses of goats hanging in the open, the butcher cutting off pieces for customers, and flies swarming all over. I know a lot of people buy meat or chicken from these shops because it is generally cheaper and people think it is 'fresh'. However, usually, it isn't 'fresh' and most people in India are buying and cooking pathogen-infested, rotten meat.
26/04/2016 8:34 AM IST