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Debashis Sarkar

Author & Managing Partner - Proliferator Advisory & Consulting

Debashis Sarkar writes on Customer-Centricity, Leadership, Change and Organisational Excellence. He is an  internationally recognized name in Customer-Centricity and Lean Management.

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3 Reasons Why Companies Fail To Deliver The Right Customer Experience

Last week I was at a leading coffee chain at Indira Nagar in Bangalore for a quiet meeting with one of my clients. However, from the moment we occupied the table, a server insisted on hovering next to me waiting for my order. I requested her to give me some time but she didn't budge. After she brought my order, she came again in seconds with the bill. Her whole objective seem to have been to quickly empty the table for the next customer. I was disgusted at the attitude.
17/05/2016 8:22 AM IST

The One Value That All CEOs Need To Enshrine In Their Organization

While it's true that corporate values are determined by the organizational aspiration, the context in which it operates and what the leaders feel very strongly about, I believe that there's one value that every single CEO should adopt. This value is very relevant and has universal application across contexts.
21/04/2016 3:40 PM IST
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Do You Feel Incompetent And Shaky At Work? You May Have A Toxic Boss

The self-centredness and obnoxiousness of a toxic leader have an adverse impact on everyone at work. Not only does team performance plummet under their leadership, the organization at large suffers too. One toxic leader is sufficient to kill the vibrancy of a workplace and slowly sully the culture that once made it high performing. So how do you identify a toxic leader in a workplace? Here are some common traits to watch out for.
28/03/2016 8:15 AM IST