Anubha Bhonsle

Matt Sayles/Invision/AP

Has The Daily Show Found A Worthy Successor In Trevor Noah?

There is no denying he has considerable talent but equally important is that he made one and all laugh not through one-liners and punch lines but meticulously scripted and witty scenarios. Comedy as a political tool is not just for laughs. The power of comedy to provide voices where once voices were marginalized or make others laugh about the absurdity of reality is a great achievement and of course great entertainment.
08/09/2015 8:14 AM IST

There Is More Than What Meets The Eye To #GobackIndianMedia

The so-called disgust for the Indian media in Nepal that triggered a hashtag, #GoHomeIndianMedia, for about 24 odd hours was certainly not expressed by the men and women I met in the villages close to the epicentre, or even those I interrupted while they were pulling out a large rice drum from the collapsed rubble of their house in Kathmandu. But on my return one of the first things I'd say is that a strong dose of introspection by the media is needed.
05/05/2015 4:04 PM IST