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Ali Aftab

Vocalist, Beygairat Brigade; Managing Director, Mishermayl Productions

Writer is vocalist of the band Beygairat Brigade and Managing Director of Mishermayl Productions. He tweets at @aliaftabsaeed
RIZWAN TABASSUM via Getty Images

Amjad Sabri: The Man Who Wouldn't Take Money To Sing In Praise Of Pakistan

When I phoned Sabri, he refused, unlike other artistes, to accept any money for the job of singing the Pakistan national anthem. When I asked him to at least quote a price in case we managed to get a sponsor, he snapped, "<em>Abey bhenchod, apnay mulk ka 'Qaumi Taranah' gaanay ke paisay loon? Tum jisko marzi becho, main nahin lunga paisay</em>(Look, sisterfucker, you think I'll take money to sing my own national anthem? I don't care what you sell, I won't take money). "
24/06/2016 12:42 PM IST