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Aarti Olivia

Psychotherapist, blogger

Aarti Olivia Dubey is a first generation Singaporean Indian who blogs about plus size fashion, body positivity and intersectional feminism. She is a trained psychotherapist and writes for several publications touching upon South Asian voices and body positivity.
CLEO magazine, Singapore

Did We Violate Instagram Guidelines By Being 'Too Fat' To Wear A Swimsuit?

When I checked into Instagram, a screen popped up informing me that a post of mine was removed due to violation of community guidelines. I was really confused -- what could I have possibly posted that violated the guidelines? When I took a gander at my images, my heart sank. This was not some pornographic image, it was not filled with gore or violence, it did not do <em>anything</em> other than show three smiling fat chicks in swimwear that can hardly be termed as "lewd".
14/06/2016 8:28 AM IST