Gorgeous Photos Show Disney Princesses Reimagined Years Later As Queens

Even better, the queens are portrayed by the models' moms!

03/06/2017 4:00 AM IST | Updated 03/06/2017 7:10 AM IST

Age ain’t nothing but a number, even for Disney princesses.

In a gorgeous new photo series, costume designer Nephi Garcia and photographer Tony Ross reimagined Disney princesses as powerful, mature Disney queens. And to make the shoot even more magical, the women portraying older versions of the characters are the real-life mothers (or mothers-in-law) of the princesses. 

Here’s younger Snow White as we know her from the movie:


And here she is as a queen, stately and still eating those apples:

Tony Ross
Amber Arden's mother-in-law Bonnie.

Here’s Ariel, fresh out of water: 


And here she is as a queen, fully part of our world: 

Tony Ross
Traci's mom Elizabeth Oden.

Garcia ― whose intricate, Disney-inspired costumes have gone viral in the past ― created these gowns as a Mother’s Day tribute. He told HuffPost that it took a little convincing to get the moms involved, but once they slipped on the dresses, they were sold.

“They were definitely hesitant in the beginning, but as they saw themselves evolve into these amazing iconic queens, they got right into character.” he said.

Scroll down for more photos of your favorite Disney princesses looking even more regal with age:

  • Belle
    Tony Ross
  • Tony Ross
    Bethanie's mom Linda Wadley.
  • Mulan
    Tony Ross
  • Tony Ross
    Leslie's mom Chi Huynh.
  • Cinderella
    Tony Ross
  • Tony Ross
    Lexi's mom Lisa Walker.
  • Elena
    Tony Ross
  • Tony Ross
    Richard's mom Stella Schaefer.

Watch a video of the cosplay shoot below:

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