Stunning Photos From National Geographic Traveller's Contest Are Awe-Inspiring

Our wanderlust is at an all time high.

27/01/2017 2:07 AM IST | Updated 27/01/2017 2:07 AM IST
Matt Parry
Location: Santorini

"In the evenings people gather to watch the sunset over the town of Oia on the northern tip of Santorini's crater. The view is incredible, so much so that the sunset has now become a bucket-list tourist attraction. For the 5 nights I was in Oia there was a low, thick haze on the horizon but very few clouds. This stopped the sky getting much colour but instead left a cool blue hue to tint the white buildings and complement the orange street lights." 

The submissions for National Geographic Traveller’s UK Photography Competition are in, and are the pictures are nothing short of outstanding. 

A panel of esteemed judges narrowed down the choices to three finalists in each of the competition’s six categories ― Action, Nature, People, Urban, Portfolio and Video.  

“The entries for our Photography Competition get better every year, and this year’s is no exception,” Pat Riddell, editor of National Geographic Traveller (UK), said in a statement. “The shortlist highlights some of the exceptional submissions and it’s been really tough to whittle it down.” 

The winners will be announced on Feb. 28 in London, England. According to a press release, the lucky overall winner of the competition will be sent on a photographic commission to Myanmar and Iceland for the magazine. 

Check out all of the amazing photos in the running below: 


1. Andrew Hone

Andrew Hone
Location:&nbsp;Ngapali beach, Myanmar<br /><br />&ldquo;This is taken at the volcanic beach at Stokksnes in southeastern Iceland in February 2015. I used a two-second exposure to capture the water trails as the waves receded over rocks at the edge of the beach, just as the sun was setting behind me, illuminating the mighty Vesturhorn mountain and some peaks in the far distance.&rdquo; &nbsp;

2. Sajith Buddikha Withanage

Sajith Buddikha Withanage
Location: Yala National Park, Sri Lanka.&nbsp;<br /><br />"Dusty day is [fading and] we have reached to the golden hour. My eyes are [looking]&nbsp;into the bush searching for a leopard for my clients. Then, I saw the unusual behavior of a garden lizard in the middle of the road. Suddenly, I realized that the predator -- a common bronze back snake is not so far. We waited a few minutes to see what's going to happen. When the snake strikes, lizard acts like a monk from a Shaolin Temple."

3. David Candlish

David Candlish
Location: Singapore Night Safari.<br /><br />&ldquo;He is part of a troupe of firebreathers who deliver a breathtaking performance. For twenty minutes I stood mesmerised by their display, shooting off photo after photo. I&rsquo;ve never seen such an athletic, intense fire show! Because the action is so fast and furious it can be a little hit-and-miss as to whether you get a good shot and there was no time to check my results - I didn&rsquo;t want to miss a moment."&nbsp;


1. Daren Baker

Daren Baker
Location:&nbsp;Fritham, New Forest, England<br /><br />"We&nbsp;decided to head into the forest&nbsp;before heading home from our weekend stay&nbsp;and so glad we did.&nbsp;It was clearly evident that the light of the evening was going to be&nbsp;amazing. I&nbsp;noticed the sun glistening&nbsp;on&nbsp;a&nbsp;circle of water just off track and went to explore and anticipated maybe seeing a heron or some other wildlife but the&nbsp;water was still and lonely, with just a few trees reflecting in the water, which made for some good images."&nbsp;

2. Rashid Khaidanov

Rashid Khaidanov
Location:&nbsp;Dunluce Castle, Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland.&nbsp;<br /><br />"Very impressive place. One of my favorite places in Northern Ireland. This evening was an unreal sight."&nbsp;

3. Stuart Dunn

Stuart Dunn
Location:&nbsp;Salalah, Oman.&nbsp;<br /><br />"Salalah was the starting point for an expedition I was about to embark on to cross the Rub Al Khali desert also know as the Empty Quarter. I was preparing my equipment for the expedition when I spotted out the corner of my eye a young man training his horse on the beach backlit by this beautiful orb of a sun that was dropping towards the horizon rapidly. I grabbed my equipment as quick as I could and sprinted towards the beach."&nbsp;


1. Francis Cox 

Francis Cox
Location:&nbsp;Bhaktapur,&nbsp;Kathmandu Valley, Nepal.&nbsp;<br /><br />"...Unfortunately 24 hours after taking this image Kathmandu (Nepal) was hit with a devastating earthquake (25-04-2015). Although traumatic for me I escaped with only mental scars, for the people of Nepal they lost much more;&nbsp;their&nbsp;family and friends. I never managed to find out the fate of my&nbsp;bead shop man; but one day I will."&nbsp;

2. Laura Dale 

Laura Dale
Location: Parque de las Palapas, Cancun, Mexico.&nbsp;<br /><br />"The portrait of a woman dressed in skull-candy face paint and costume to celebrate the Day of the Dead festival in Cancun&rsquo;s El Parque De Las Palapas, Mexico.&nbsp;&nbsp;The festival, locally known as &lsquo;Dia De Los Muertos&rsquo; is an annual celebration in memory of loved ones who have passed away."&nbsp;

3. Marco Pozzi 

Marco Pozzi
Location: Jaipur, Rajasthan, India.&nbsp;<br /><br />"I am fascinated by people in their own environment during their daily life. The train station is a key moment for many people and the second class is where one can better appreciate the adaptive nature of these people. I ask permission before taking any photo and generally people are very generous, curious and helpful."&nbsp;


1. Daniel Burton

Daniel Burton
Location:&nbsp;Moremi Game Reserve in Botswana&rsquo;s Okavango Delta region<br /><br />"This photograph was taken in January 2016 and features a bird&rsquo;s-eye view of the approach to the Moremi Game Reserve in Botswana&rsquo;s Okavango Delta region. Moremi is cut off from the remainder of the Delta and travel to and from its lodges requires transit by light aircraft or helicopter. The shot was taken from a Cessna plane and shows one of the many ephemeral tributaries of the Okavango basin which snake through the landscape following the annual discharge of rain from the Angolan highlands."&nbsp;

2. Mario Adario

Mario Adario
Location:&nbsp;Lalibela, Ethiopia.&nbsp;<br /><br />"The church of St. George, the most famous in Lalibela, shaped in a Greek Orthodox cross. It was carved by hand..."&nbsp;

3. Miguel De Freitas 

Miguel De Freitas
Location:&nbsp;Nambiti Game Reserve, South Africa. <br /><br />"It was an early morning rise for us when our game ranger had been informed of mating activity within a group of lions. When we found the group, the sudden torrential downpour put a halt on the lions activity but created a different photographic&nbsp;opportunity. The lions were completely exposed to the elements with no nearby shelter on offer. Camera at the ready, it was only a matter of time before the&nbsp;lions did what they could in order to keep themselves dry..."&nbsp;


1. Ben Goodwin 

Ben Goodwin
Location:&nbsp;Corcovado, Rio de Janeiro.&nbsp;<br /><br />"... Suddenly, the clouds parted to reveal Rio de Janeiro in all its glory and I quickly set up my camera. As light flooded across the city, I noticed the shadow of Christ the Redeemer fill my frame and quickly took a series of shots, as a rainbow briefly gave the statue its own halo."&nbsp;

2. Matt Parry


Matt Parry
Location:&nbsp;Santorini <br /><br />"In the evenings&nbsp;people gather to watch the sunset over the town of Oia on the northern tip of Santorini's crater. The view is incredible, so much so that the sunset has now become a bucket-list tourist attraction. For the 5 nights I was in Oia there was a low, thick haze on the horizon but very few clouds. This stopped the sky getting much colour but instead left a cool blue hue to tint the white buildings and complement the orange street lights."&nbsp;

3. Toby Trueman


Toby Trueman
Location:&nbsp;Sogo, Hong Kong<br /><br />"I took this image while travelling to Hong Kong on a video commission for my company, Heehaw. We had been directed to the crossing at Sogo; a great location to capture hoards of people moving between breaks in the traffic. Shooting there for a while, I saw this one man make a break for it but only get as far as the central island before the traffic started again. For a few minutes we were completely isolated in an otherwise overcrowded and frantic urban environment, cut off by the relentless traffic."&nbsp;

Captions have been edited for length and clarity. 

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