Pankaj Advani Wins Historic Bronze At 6 Red Snooker World Championship

He became the first cueist from India to win a medal at the prestigious Sangsom 6 Red Snooker World Championship.

10/09/2016 7:34 AM IST | Updated 10/09/2016 7:42 AM IST
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Zainal Abd Halim / Reuters

BANGKOK -- Pankaj Advani became the first cueist from India to win a medal at the prestigious Sangsom 6 Red Snooker World Championship as he settled for a bronze after losing the semifinal to Chinese Ding Junhui, yesterday.

In the quarterfinals, the Indian received a walkover from Michael Holt who withdrew due to personal reasons.

"Winning the first medal for Indiain this championship and with this level of competition means you have done well. I am an outsider in this tournament and coming this far feels very rewarding," Advani said of his performance.

""Ding is a phenomenal player. I got the better of him in the group stage but today he was the better player. I wish him best of luck for the finals."

Semi-final score:

Ding Junhui vs Pankaj Advani 7-4, 0-37, 68-0, 73-0, 41-26, 49-15, 7-57, 0-57, 67-0, 57-0, 20-34, 69-9.

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