WATCH: Leaving 3-Year-Old Trapped In The Car, Parents Go For Breakfast

Leaving a chid trapped in a car can have fatal consequence.

08/09/2016 9:02 AM IST | Updated 08/09/2016 9:31 AM IST
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In a shocking case of neglect, a three-year-old was left in the backseat of a parked car along with the luggage, while her parents went to eat breakfast at a restaurant on the outskirts of Hyderabad.

On hearing the child screaming and crying, locals quickly gathered and tried to get her out of the car, NDTV reported. Finally, one man prized the door open with a crowbar.

Leaving a chid trapped in a car can have fatal consequence. The News Minute reported that in the United States, that at least 37 children die every year after being trapped in cars due to the heat that develops inside the vehicle.

After returning from breakfast to the commotion around their car, the parents tried to explain that they did not want to wake their sleeping child, but the crowd gave them an earful. The parents reportedly objected that a bystander had taken a video of their child's ordeal.

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