These Are The Only Indians You Need To Follow On Snapchat

And we don't believe in hyperboles.

09/08/2016 10:54 AM IST | Updated 17/01/2017 5:09 PM IST

While the majority of the junta is still figuring out how and why to use Snapchat when everything you post there (photo or a video) gets deleted under 10 seconds, there are a bunch of people who are making the most out of the platform and how!

A bunch of comics, bloggers, doodlers, musicians on Snapchat are making this platform a whole lot of fun.

Follow them to bring awesomeness to your Snapchat feed.

1. Biswa Kalyan Rath/ @biswamastaadmi.

If you're into observational comedy, Biswa is the guy.


2. Koval Bhatia/ @alittleanarky.

Puns, lots of them. If you love punning, add this punny girl. (See, there's some inspiration in the pipeline for you too.)


3. Akshar Pathak/ @aksharpathak.

If you're adding Akshar, brace yourselves for painful puns and amazing doodles.


4. Tanmay Bhat/ @thetanmay.

You already know this guy, don't you? *cough* Lata *cough*.


5. José Covaco/ @hoezaayc.

José will give you the only parenting lessons you need in your life.


6. Sonam Kapoor/ @sonamakapoor.

Oh come on, you'll follow Sonam Kapoor anywhere.


7. Vaishnavi Prasad/ @livetimefe.

Have you been banned from the kitchen for good? Trust us, Vaishnavi, can help you become a star in there. Of course, you'll need a thing called patience too.


8. Sandhya Ramesh/ @duskendale.

Science+travel= every nerd's dream-come-true!


9. Gaurav Tophakhane/ @aimlessaims.

You'll want to sing along to his band's jamming sessions.


10. Varun Thakur/ @varoonthakoor.

Hit him up for the endless laughs.


11. Pranav Sapra/ @pranavsapra.

Finding the funny in everyday life is Pranav's forte.


12. Neha Sharma/ @neha.doodles.

Warning: She can doodle anywhere, anytime and on anything.


13. Sonakshi Sinha/ @aslisonasnap.

Because her Snapchat game is on point. Add her to know why.


14. Mallika Dua/ @mallikadua.

'Makeup Didi' is everything we ever wanted from the Internet.


15. Santoshi Shetty/ @santushi.

Fashion + Travel + Fitness = @santushi.


16. Rahul Khanna/ @mrkhannasnaps.

Ever fancied beginning your mornings with a super hot man smiling at you from his bed? Here's your chance.


17. Debasree Banerjee/ @debasreee.

Your one-stop-virtual-solution-shop for all your make-up and beauty worries.


18. Sunny Leone / @imsunnyleone.

Naam to suna hoga?


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