This Sex Toy May Just Be Better Than The Real Thing!

08/05/2015 5:08 PM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:25 AM IST
Lift up my skirt w/ ur teeth, pull down my thong and lick me till i orgasm in your mouth. grab me by the back of my legs and press me agasint your tongue. Make me your woman and u'll b my man. Caressing each other in pleasure i can feel me pressing your head agasint my clit, your tongue wet and strong making me quiver. Quiet moans out of me as u feel me w/ pleasure and ecstasy. Lovely i cant help it but to orgasm once right after another and another. All i want for Xmas is you and a Big as bottle of Ky jelly. Emily S.

A new sex toy brand has launched, what it believes to be the world's best dildo, that can be bent into any shape and vibrate in any way women want.

The "truly personal" adult toy, which took five long years to get designed, can be bent and re-bent without losing its shape or hardness and can take on curved or straight shapes and adapt to fit the body, the Daily Star reported.

Designed for women by women, the Crescendo can be teamed up with a "music-mixer" app that controls the vibrations on six of its motors and is completely waterproof so can be enjoyed in the bath or shower.

MysteryVibe, the British company behind the vibrator, whose wireless battery allows it to last for around 4,000 hours, has teamed up with manufacturer Seymourpowell.

Ketan Mistry, Lead Designer from Seymourpowell said that in creating the MysteryVibe brand and products we considered fundamental human needs and desires, adding they didn't want technology to get in the way of a quickie or longie and so here is something incredibly simple, intuitive and just more fun.

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